Training hub


The ACPD provides an open training platform where experts can make their respective expertise available. This is through a process where the expert present the training course to the ACPD who will assist to develop it in a format that comply with the guidelines set by ACPD and the International Awarding Bodies and Quality Assurers. This platform is available to any person with intellectual property and expertise and who wish to share it with industry. Alternatively it might be a person with training material that is aligned with SAQA unit standards. If not, the ACPD will assist the course owner to seek for national/international standards or to agree that the course will be presented as a non-credit bearing/CPD course. As the ACPD is accredited with International providers, national unit standards are aligned with international unit standards. Once aligned, learners will obtain national & international credits that can accumulate to a formal qualification. Once a professional has enough credits, he or she can then through a process of Recognition of Prior Learning receive acknowledgement of obtained credits, register with any of the Awarding Bodies such as City & Guilds, sit for an international examination and obtain a formal qualification.

The following need to be emphasised:

  • The course content will remain the property of the course owner
  • One more responsibility for the course owner is to submit a databases for the of the course
  • The ACPD takes the responsibility for the market, administrative and financial management of the training course and finally the certification of the learners
  • The responsibility of the course owner is to provide approved material, the presentation of the course and the final assessment if applicable

The ACPD partnership will offer a full range of credit and non-credit courses for all levels of society, industry or institutions. The average length of the different offerings varies from hours to several months.

  • The training platform ensures the development, accreditation and presentation of:
  • Short Learning Programmes, whether credits are awarded or not;
  • Skills programmes that is occupationally based and when completed will constitute towards a possible accredited qualification;
  • Credit bearing short courses and non-credit bearing short courses;
  • Bridging courses in preparation for admission to Institutions of Higher Education;
  • Community based training workshops and seminars; and E-learning.

Other services include:

  • Identification of training needs
  • Training
  • Learning material development
  • CPD Management
  • Web-based Resource Centre
  • Consultation
  • Internal Auditing
  • Training Facilities
  • Mini-Conference Facility
  • Events Planning
  • Catering

Quality control is a requirement of ACPD policies. In order to comply with these requirements the following applies:

  • A copy of all training material (including additional supporting material) will be kept on record at ACPD
  • Records will be kept of registration forms, confirmations of mentors, assessment papers, assessed scripts, mark sheets, copies of certificates issued, proof of payment by learners, financial statements etc.
  • All courses will be evaluated by learners on the prescribed evaluation form.
  • All of these will be included in the annual internal audit